I AM - Enter Tron @ Sub Club

I AM - Enter Tron @ Sub Club

26th Oct 2018 11pm - 3am

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Friday 26th October 2018

Sub Club, Glasgow


"Alan: I still don't understand why you want to break into the system.

Flynn: [frustrated] Because, man, somewhere in one of these memories is the evidence! If I could just get in there, I could reconstruct it!"

Greetings programs. When a computer engineer, Kevin Flynn, finds out that Ed Dillinger has been stealing his work, he tries to jack into the system. However, Flynn is transported to the digital world, where he has to face off against Dillinger's computerised likeness, Sark, and the imposing Master Control Program. Aided by Tron and Yori, Flynn becomes a freedom fighter for the oppressed programs of the grid...

i AM are reconstructing ENTER TRON inside an electronic arena where love and escape do not compute. Since this idea was conceived, and first implemented around 6 years ago it has grown and grown, from here at the Sub Club, to the Art School, SWG3, The Galvanizers Yard, then to a show in London last year. We’re over the moon to be bringing the immersive clubbing experience back to it’s home, into the darkness of the Sub Club.

You've almost reached your decision gate, and I cannot spare you any more time. End of Line.



2017 - https://goo.gl/QqjmrR

2016 - https://goo.gl/FMwpdr

2015 - https://goo.gl/EHpXoX